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Crypto commotion

For those of you who know Scuderia Graziani well, it should come as no surprise that we made another headline, this time it is for being Australia’s first car dealership to accept Bitcoin.

Circling back to 2018 when the crypto market really began to trend, we at Scuderia Graziani thought to jump on the band wagon and see what all this crypto commotion was about!

Since then and now, we have dabbled in the cryptocurrency ecosystem ourselves buying into virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, to gain a first-hand understanding of the philosophy behind this new age store of wealth. Fast-forward 3 years, we are ready more than ever to explore this modish gateway.

At Scuderia Graziani we continuously look to re-invent ourselves in order to meet our clientele’s increasing demands. - Gianpaolo Graziani, Director of Scuderia Graziani

As Bitcoin continues to increase in price - currently trading at over $60,000 Australian Dollars and exceeding parity with Gold - businesses are beginning to recognise this as an opportunity to accept cryptocurrencies for their products and services; in turn accessing a new generation of emerging wealth whilst utilising improved payment systems.

What is driving this demand for virtual currencies?

In short, institutional money is driving the adoption of bitcoin and other digital assets with a variety of motivations including: -

  • Peer to peer transactions, by-passing banks and credit card companies

  • Lower transaction costs due to more streamline payment processing

  • Preserved purchasing power during inflation

  • Improved and more efficient business outcomes from the use of blockchain technology

With financial institution analysts forecasting crypto markets to continue an upward growth over the coming years, we saw an opportunity to partner with Aus Merchant - a digital currency provider for investors and businesses - to facilitate hassle-free transactions for our clients that wish to use cryptocurrency as payment towards a new vehicle.

The partnership with Aus Merchant enables an ongoing cryptocurrency payment gateway for the purchase of luxury cars with a range of digital currencies on offer, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and USDC.

“At Aus Merchant, we have been working hard to build a system where investors and merchants can enjoy the benefits of bitcoin adoption in a growing trade network. In this case, Scuderia Graziani is ahead of the curve as we have seen increasing interest in early 2021 prior to the launch of our wealth management and merchant portal.” – Mitchell Travers, Managing Director of Aus Merchant

Recently, a Maserati Levante to the tune of $160,000 or 6.2 BTC, was sold to a happy Bitcoin investor in December last year, 2020. Since then, we have performed numerous transactions, some of which include a:

  • 2020 BMW 840i M-Sport for 2.66019300 BTC

  • 2021 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG for 4.342 BTC

  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz GTs AMG for 160,630.62 USDC

We invite you to explore our stock page which now supports the functionality of a Crypto Calculator.

Click here to determine an estimated coin guide by selecting the digital currency of your choosing.

How does it work?

Outlined below are the few steps required to begin the process in purchasing your dream car using your preferred digital currency:

“There is an opportunity to capture emerging wealth coming out of the cryptocurrency sphere as many investors are looking to capitalise on their profits. At Scuderia Graziani we continuously look to re-invent ourselves in order to meet our clientele’s increasing demands. It is now clear crypto is here to stay, and through this partnership with Aus Merchant, Scuderia Graziani can now pioneer the way in the automotive industry by accepting this new currency as another recognizable form of payment.”

- Gianpaolo Graziani, Director of Scuderia Graziani

To discuss any queries regarding the above or to obtain more information, please contact Gianpaolo Graziani directly via or 0411 590 041.

As always, we invite your enquiries and look forward to engaging with you to discuss all matters Cars & Lifestyle.

Happy Motoring!

Team SG


**Important: This article is not a recommendation by Scuderia Graziani to invest in cryptocurrencies. Since each individual's situation is unique, a qualified professional should always be consulted before making any financial decisions. Scuderia Graziani makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein.


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