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Looking to Sell your car?

CONSIGN your car at Scuderia Graziani ; we will work with you to achieve the ideal result!

Why consign with Scuderia Graziani?

Scuderia Graziani is an Italian-Australian owned and operated family business specialising in the selling of cars albeit prestige, sports or family cars.

Over the last 30 years we have procured considerable market knowledge of the automotive trade, grown a customer database made up of local and overseas buyers and developed a marketing know-how to get you the best price for your car - all the while keeping you in control of the process.

Our business model is built on trust, reputation and a customer service experience where our clients visit us just for the coffee and a chat as friends.

By consigning your vehicle with our dealership, our emphasis is on presenting your car in the best possible way to ensure a most achievable price resulting in a smooth sale process overall.

Allow Scuderia Graziani the opportunity to assist you with either the purchase or consignment of your car. We will work with you to achieve the ideal result in 4 simple steps.

How does consignment work?


We can vouch that, more often than not, we manage to achieve 10%, if not better, above wholesale value of the vehicle. Peruse our customer’s testimonials! We are firm believers that Reputation is before profit.

We are here to encourage your initiative. Take that first step. Enquire here and one of our staff will be in contact with you.


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