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On the year that was...

SO the saying goes, THE only time you are to look back is to see how far you have come!

When we look back over 2019, we are in awe with the quality of prestige and sports cars that rolled out of our doors.

Here is a snapshot of what 2019 looked like:

Just a modest snapshot of the fine motor cars that we proudly handled throughout the year, and in no order of importance, included: -

...and the list continues.


We gladly hosted the #UltimateDrivingTours 2020 Calendar launch in our showroom in the 3rd quarter of the year.

The night was a great occasion for car and lifestyle enthusiasts to come together and fuel their ever growing motoring and travel bucket-lists'. From Europe, to the America's and Australasia, the exclusive motor-sport packages and bespoke touring adventures discussed had everyone inspired and embracing their inner nomad.


And that's just the world of cars...

We collaborated with an artist and conceptual art designers on a project that dared us to be #different and push the boundaries of what has already been done.

The final result, an artwork all encompassing of #vision, raw #talent and bold ambition all to pursue a #dream of painting a life-size #supercar on a wall! Let's talk about the car: The #Lamborghini #Aventador #SuperVeloce was chosen as it reflects the 'visionary' drive that #KarolisGrei, #GMLAB and #ScuderiaGraziani hold true in our brands.

This photo-realistic #mural of the super-car was brought to #life by hand sketching directly onto the #showroom wall followed by applying layers, upon layers...upon layers of oil paint. It goes without say that the technique, skill and the freewill of artistic impression all played a vital role in delivering this #masterpiece. The project took 2 months to complete and is now proudly adorning one of our showroom walls for all to enjoy!


Last but certainly not least...we unveiled the "new face" of Scuderia Graziani.

#Passion, #heritage, #reputation and #ambition - These are the essential elements our business is built on and is what serves as the engine for our new digital platform.

Our #Stock page is now super friendly to navigate whereby you can also easily access our awesome videos!

For those of you who have not met us in person, click on the #About page...and put a face to a name!


Thanks to you all, 2019 was outstanding. We are determined to make 2020 legendary!

Wishing you all a very Happy Motoring New Year ahead,

Team SG


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