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Have you considered replacing your vehicle?

THERE comes a time when every vehicle owner will ask themselves; when should I replace my car? ​

There are a few factors that one must consider first:

If you have finance owing on your vehicle, it is imperative that you request a payout letter from either your finance broker or the financier to determine your current payout figure.

This should be done before you look at obtaining a valuation on your vehicle as this figure will determine exactly what you are working with. You may find the payout figure a lot higher than anticipated which will help guide your decision.

Make sure you ask for a preferential payout if you plan on refinancing through the same financier. This can be very helpful, especially with high value payouts.

Unfortunately these valuation tools do not understand the rapid changes to the market. Having your car valued by a trusted advisor that specialises in the market where your vehicle sits is crucial to your decision making process. Valuing vehicles is an art form developed over time.

This is something that only you will truly know and feel once you have found the right one. Very rarely does one want to downgrade (child additions and ageing acceptable).

Through our exclusive finance partnerships, we have direct access to tailored products that give you more flexibility and options to choose from when structuring your finance. Here is an example we can offer at Scuderia Graziani:

Vehicle Replacement Policy

We can offer eligible ABN holders up to $200,000 on any manufacturer brand under our replacement policy on your existing vehicle.

We do not require any financials from the borrowing entity, as long as the finance contract on the vehicle being replaced is currently active or closed within the last six months.

This exclusive product also allows you to double the monthly repayments on the contract being replaced.

For example; if your current repayments are $1,500 per month, we can double this to $3,000 per month.

So where to from here...

If you have been pondering on replacing your vehicle, allow us to review your current position to see if it is worthwhile. If you do not have finance owing on your vehicle, now may be the time to free up some cash, upgrade to a new vehicle and use your money to invest elsewhere.

We are here to help guide you to identify when the time is right, and when to take advantage of the current equity position on your vehicle.

Click here to start the process or call us today on 1300 080 388 to discuss further.

In the meantime, we invite you to peruse our current listings so to familiarise yourself with the potentiality of your next investment.


Happy Motoring!

Team SG


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