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“Living well is your best revenge." - Tony Graziani

It is not long after being swept off in a twin-turbocharged V8 Maserati that John surmises that “Tony is not a man to risk either understatement or cliché…He is one very persuasive salesperson and what he is selling is not merely a car, but what amounts to a value system.” -  Tony Graziani interview with John Wright, Sporting Doctor magazine, 1996.


This sentiment is precisely what has fuelled Tony's long tenure in the automotive trade and is the basis for which Scuderia Graziani's name holds rein. It is purely about Cars and the Lifestyle that brings. 


The team at Scuderia Graziani are industry leaders in collectible and exotic cars with decades of experience in buying, selling and investing in these rare works of art. Perfectly positioned to guide you on each step of your journey, be it on the purchase of your first performance car, or the investment to add to a collection or even to purchase a daily driver, Team SG are here to help you through the process in finding your next car.  

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Scuderia Graziani is the Supercar Gallery where coffee is always fresh and familiar faces abound; a place where motoring dreams do come true. 

- Tony Graziani

Located only minutes from the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Scuderia Graziani showroom was originally modelled on an Italian Piazza with character filled granite terrazzo floors. Indeed, some things haven’t changed - today the piazza remains. True to Tony Graziani’s dreams, this is where lovers of fine cars and coffee continue to come and meet to view some of the most beautiful cars available.

Meet Team Scuderia Graziani 

One of the fundamental cornerstones of Scuderia Graziani is family, indeed the very name “Scuderia” means team, which is how we work. Today, Tony is joined by his two children Stefania and Gianpaolo, who both bring a unique direction to the dealership, ensuring that it will remain one of Australia’s key automotive houses in the years to come. 

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- Gianpaolo Graziani

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Scuderia Graziani was built on a simple legacy: to offer the best selection of supercars and to be trusted and respected by our valued clients. Our reputation, passion and love for these supercars is what drives us forward and is what sets us apart in this industry. I am proud to be associated with this legacy my Father began, and will continue to build upon this in the future years.

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